Sunday, April 12, 2015

A painting quicky, a Medieval Monk

Intended for some of the missions in Lion Rampant, but would probably perform the same functions in Saga, or even Hail Caesar; I knocked this chap up pretty quickly - well, it's not hard when all you wear is a brown habit.

This is a Perry miniatures model from their Crusades range.  Suitable for most medieval periods I think however.

Appropriate for a Sunday I guess...


  1. Very nice looking monk. I could see him as Saint Francis.

  2. Not many people can pull off "The Brown Robe Look", but the Friar is looking good! If he's going to be a Nobleman's messenger, perhaps because he can read, I would imagine he's more of a Brother Cadfael type, rather than a Saint, but either way he'll add a lot of character to your Lion Rampant games.