Saturday, April 11, 2015

47e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

It took a whole three months, I'll say it again, Three months, to finish this unit; I thought they might be quick - what with having a number of greatcoats and all - not so.  Time is a resource I have little of for painting presently, and with other distractions such as mediaevals rearing their head during the process, commitment to completion only got worse.

Still, now they are ready for battle.

The 47e fought throughout the peninsular until 1812, standing at Vimiero, Salamanca and Vitorria amongst others.  This unit was pulled together from a variety of, at the time, leftover models and so features a mixture of Perry, Victrix and Hat Industrie models.

My painting still isn't back to what I could once muster, but in part I think this is actually down to a new lens prescription and the ravages of age setting in.  How much longer I can fend off the varifocals is anyone's guess (sigh).

It's a relief to finish these, as I think I'll be in need of every Frenchman I can muster come the summer, as there is talk of some form of anniversary fight to mark Waterloo.  I don't think we can do it on a grand scale, but something to mark the event will be possible...


  1. I feel your pain - particularly on the Napoleonic front but it's worth the effort - they look fab :)

  2. Nice to see them finished - they look great.

  3. Brings back memories! They look as good as they ever did, despite your hiatus. Well done in getting such a huge force assembled!