Thursday, April 16, 2015

Format Refresh

I'm in the process of adding a couple of new features to the blog, and you may already have noticed the new tabs running across the top of the page.

The main development at this stage is a compiled list of all 28mm plastic historical miniatures, currently and previously available.  Hopefully this will become a one-stop shop of information and links; and will include suitable fantasy pieces that can serve a second life, as well as those items made specifically for historical gaming.

Over the years I've followed the development of this part of the hobby with great interest, and bought a great many of the available sets (some just to see what they were like!), so I will include links to my own reviews on the page as well as to the retailers and such.  I hope to dig up more on foreign rarities, useable toy's and out of production items too as I go.  For example these Russian 28mm GW clones from Technolog (which you can only get in the UK if you are prepared to buy wholesale - a bit of a gamble?)

Teutonic knights and Medieval Russians from Technolog

I hope it will become a worthwhile resource...

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