Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What's on TV?

Buried away in the graveyard slot, but saved for some of you by the BBC I-Player, a fascinating little series looking at the wider aspects of conducting a military campaign:

Episode image for Staying Alive

Bullets, Boots and Bandages - How to Really win a War; began by looking at logistics and supply, and was quite intriguing.  I only managed to make it half way live, but will be catching up with the rest of it tonight.  I was fascinating to hear about the logistical chain behind Wellington's army in Spain, and the massive logistical cock-ups of the Crimea.

In fact last night was good tv in the UK for the military minded, Thanks to digital channels I was able to watch a documentary on the Zulu's on BBC Four, before Channel 5 +1 offered up the Royal Marines in Afghanistan.  More or less all of these available for catchup via the net too.

I'm not an inveterate tv watcher, but last night was a good selection, for a Monday.


  1. Missed this completely! Thanks for the heads-up, I'll check out on i-Player

  2. I saw the Zulu programme which was excellent, I'll have to do a quick search for the other program though, thanks for the heads-up!!

  3. Watching now.

    I have always liked the story of the Rothschilds in the Peninsular.

  4. I've got this recorded, it sounded really interesting. Forward to it now!