Thursday, February 02, 2012

Victrix Greeks on the way, at Last

When Immortal got the drop on Victrix, it seemed to put paid to their touted plans to do ancient Greek Hoplites; but finally they are on the release schedule.  And pretty good they are looking too:

Athenians above; Spartans below:

I suspect these are shots of the three-ups, but still they look really nice and more varied than the Immortal models too.

Looks like a good excuse to buy some more models for my Spartans.  These are to be released in time for Salute, with a new box coming out every three or four weeks.



  1. Very nice! I may have to give 28mm a chance again. I've got some of the Old Glory Greeks, but I have a feeling these will scale a bit bigger.

  2. Now these look very interesting indeed.........great in fact. I wonder how they will compare scale wise to the white metal figures presently available

  3. These 28mm plastics have been a real shot in the arm for 25/28mm ancient wargaming. I have lots of old 25mm figures but they can share a table with the 28mm guys no problem. I look forward to seeing your pictures

  4. I'm torn between doing the usual Romans vs Celts, or for going Greek. I have been looking at Athenian figures- aim for units that could also be used in Macedonian era as allies/enemy.



  5. I was never convinced by the Immortal plastics and some things about them, like the difficulty in getting the sword scabbard in palce and the lack of long hair on the Spartans really got to me. These are looking great, however. Now let's hope they aren't too small and are proper 28mm size!