Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Les Jaeger on the Hunt

My most recent game was an Anima Tactics rematch with Paul.  I swapped from Black sun to the Azur Alliance, thinking this may give him more of a chance in a hand to hand battle; and as I had only had one or two chances to use the team so far it seemed like a good opportunity to get them out again.

Left to right above I used Kirsten with Piercing Weapons, The Colonel, Kyler, Reinhold and Tsubasa Kurokami with Supernatural Armour.  With plots and equipment a 250 level force.

Paul by Contrast used the same 250 levels as last time, barring some minor changes to their equipment.

The field of battle was mostly ruins, with a small wood into which Kirsten deployed well forward of my main lines thanks to one of my special abilities.  This at least encouraged Paul's Church team to stay together and stay away from her at first at least.

In fact Paul played defensively from the start. using his powers to make characters invulnerable to all normal damage on a couple of occasions, in the hope that they could deal it out while the going was easy.

Tsubasa got tangled in one such combat with Romeo, supported by Damien - who made it impossible for my team to lock multiple charges on to Romeo.  The fight would leave them both wounded, but Tsubasa, as seems his perennial role, was cut down early.

But it was a fight that Romeo was now trapped in, and it proved easy for the rump of my force to deal with the female support troops in the Church force; one by one Kirsten, Reinhold and Kyler picked them off.

Still Romeo was close to defeating the Colonel, but in a fiendish manoeuvre the Colonel used one of his sinister powers to drain the life of Reinhold, revivifying himself; whilst Kyler used a healing potion to bring himself back to fighting fit, having previously been shot a couple of times.

Surrounded and almost alone, the gig was up for Romeo, again.

In deference to Paul, it'll need to be a 300 Level game next time, so that he can get another big combat hetter into the frame, which his force needs I think.  Personally it'll give me incentive to get my High Arbiter painted too.

Elsewhere in the club it was a busy evening; for some reason the Headingley club has also come back to life in the last few weeks, with well over twenty attendees.  The game of interest to me was Mark and Andy's micro armour game, using the GHQ rules:

Mark fielded a scale Brigade of Soviets swarming across the German countryside against a USMC battalion.

It looked a pretty game despite being too tiny a scale for my usual tastes.

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