Sunday, February 19, 2012

Koprivina - August 1991

Another go at Force on Force was had last week, and with totally different results, rather more one sided.

The scenario and forces were exactly the same as last time, but the players, Richard and Jez, different.  The battlefield was a little adjusted too:

The Serbs under Jez opted to attack from the right in the image above, so Richard focused his defence in the centre of the village.  The attack from Jez developed rather directly with the bulk of his forces driving into the field behind the shop.

This however made it all too easy for the crossfire of Richard Croats to pin down the entire attack.  After two turns the Serbs declared they would disengage, Jez feeling he had walked into a trap and been out-gunned as much by the rules as anything.

I wouldn't entirely disagree, but there was certainly some blame to be laid at his tactics as well.  Nevertheless, the game gave me concerns and I think it will need more finessing to  feel realistic; ammunition was still too plentiful for the Croats and neither side really deserves to operate as well as professional infantry, but neither are they irregulars.  A first step may be making troops mostly D6 quality, it remains to be seen.

There will be another game soon however.

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