Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transport and Couriers

A couple of oddments off the painting table, firstly some 15mm Hanomags, destined for ebay:

These are production offcuts, with suitable scratch built machine guns refitted, from the Forged in Battle range; as I know the guy who does their casting.  Anyone who wants some quality adding to their Flames of War army or whatever, they're already on the eBay: Here.

Otherwise I finished off another Napoleonic general/ADC who had been hanging around the table for some time.

A pretty plain one piece casting from Foundry I think, I got him free, so I'm shady on his provenance.  The painting is fairly basic too, but I needed him in a rush and wasn't seeing him as a centrepiece model.

I've now started work on my Iron Owl model, and it's already looking to be an ambitious piece, other than that, the major items on the painting table now are the components for another Skirmish game.  I'll give one clue as to those.



  1. Freebooters Fate by any chance?

  2. Nice work on the halftracks - I got some of this range not long ago and thought they were excellent. Looking to get the Shermans off them at some stage as well.