Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't say it's Clover...

Hmm, my third game of Anima Tactics, and I only wish I could get a few more in.  I faced up against Neil's Holy Empire of Abel team across a familiar battleground...

Neil knows the abilities of most every character in the game, but as the Black Sun are not in the core rulebooks he only knew their abilities from the net; he was wary of Clover and rightly so.  But I would say that. 

Initially I threw forwards the Type 005's as a screen, and Neil's characters happily dispatched them.

But this gave me room and time to prepare Clover's killer move.

His Prometheum attack tied with one of Promethea's magical effects allowed him to move in from outside of the Empires movement and attack range, and unleash three consecutive charge attacks, with throw effects as I want.  In an instant the Empire defence pack was smashed open.  One character dead, one stunned and one thrown well out of range.

However, it's still a gamble; as powerful as his attack is, after it he is vulnerablee, not least as he is in my present team a solo fighting force, and his charge had left him well out of range of the buffs that Sophia and Promethea could offer.

Whilst they tried to avoid getting themselves killed so they could support Clover, three of Neil's characters ganged up on him and did everything they could to bring him down.  It took them three turns, in which Neil was very nearly beaten; but in the end he was able to triumph.

A real close game despite the appearance of the outcome.  Which is something I like about the game.  Still I need to add another combatant to my team to give them more balance; in the short term it may have to be a wanderer (read - mercenary), but in the longer term an undead knight may be more value than the Type 005 zombie soldiers...


  1. Interesting. There are so many new games around.

  2. Sounds good, love the mix of terrain in those modular boards. Were they made with a ghrid in mind originally?