Sunday, June 12, 2011

First sight of Caesar

Although I wasn't playing in it, I had considerable interest in the debut of Hail Caesar at the club last week.  Mark ran one of the club's history buffs through the Pelopennesian scenario from the main rule book, the Spartans to the left in shot:

The Athenians arrayed behind the dirt track (Immortal miniatures Greeks.)

I didn't catch much of the detail of the battle but the net result appeared to be a solid pounding for the Athenians at the hands of my favourites, the dour, humourless Spartans.

Mark's initial review of the rules is that they are "the cleanest set of rules for ancient wargaming he has played", which sounds like good news to me.  I don't mind Warhammer Ancients at all, but the special rules for certain forces can break the core mechanics.  Armati, was my favourite, but no one else here abouts plays it.  As for the DBMM/FOG systems, well, we've spoken about that lately, haven't we?  I've yet to read my copy of the rules, but the fact that they gain approval of Mark is a strong sign. 

I hope to get a chance to try them myself soon.


  1. One of our group has got the rules but we are yet to try them out. I would love to know your thoughts if you do get the chance to try them.

  2. There's been one game at the club and I'm not sure that was enough for a thumbs up (or down).

  3. I just bought these last week and was also enamoured of the Greek scenario so am busy painting hoplites at present.

    Good to hear a positive view about them.

  4. we tried them last week best Ancient game we had had in years suits our style

    Dave Tuck Grimsby club

  5. We need a big game sometime soon. I'll be ordering my rule book soon enough, and may have to get myself a force. Quite tempted to delve into the Chariot/Biblical period.