Monday, June 06, 2011

May pledge

Another month, and what to report.  I'm going to keep it short after my last epic (and grammatically fraught) post, it's simply painting time.

The only item not yet shown on the blog finished in May was an upgrade to an established unit:

Half of this unit was found in a shop years ago, 5 very expensive Volands Venators cavalry converted to undead knights.  I painted them in a simple red scheme.  Many years later I acquired four more along with undead horses; and with an empire knight I had spare I was able to convert and complete the unit to a useful ten figures.

I think they'll serve as Blood knights for me.  Which means they are now a huge addition to my Vampire Counts army.

Only half points for this unit as only 5 models were actually painted in the month.  The totals are consequently:

Russian Guns and crew: 6
13th Cuirassiers: 24
Ghouls: 21
Blood Knights: 10

Making for a modest result of 61; not close to my best this year, but twice my pledge demands so still excellent.

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  1. I really like that unit. Great work mixing all of those models. I have some Venators and they just sit around but maybe I should copy you and pull them out. I really like your paint scheme too, simple but dynamic enough I would not want to see them coming across the table at me!