Monday, January 17, 2011

Squigs and Dragons...

So painting from a little before and just after Xmas to kick off; still strongly fantasy based, but I will move onto some historical topics soon.

Firstly a Goblin hero bounds into battle on the back of a giant cave squig; from the bulk purchase of second hand Warhammer models I picked up in early December (about £150 of models for £30!):

Next, a horde of Squig herders; mostly Xmas presents but some were from the bargain purchase above...
All the above were painted in the usual black wash fashion I used for the rest of this army, back in the day (see blog entries from 2006).

Next up is something spectacular to add to my Dogs of War army.  Whilst in Austria I as usual mooched around any toy/souvenir I found and whilst looking for Papo products (look them up) I chanced upon Schliech models.  One model caught my eye, but there was no way I could get it home in my luggage.

A quick search on Amazon when I got home though and I was able to source this little beauty:
A huge model, over a foot long!  For a sense of scale a Goblin squig herder attempts to quell the beast below:
Not a bad little model for £15!

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  1. Nice models. I love the goblin chieftain on giant squig. He is my third favorite GW model of all time. The action is just amazing and the combined humor and terror of it coming at you is great :D