Sunday, January 02, 2011

Final count on the 2010 Pledge

The finale for the year, December, was a tale of two halves, with high output in the first two weeks and next to nothing thereafter. Not surprising really, as I was on holiday for most of it.

Amongst the items I finished not shown so far were these Mantic Ghouls, done in the same way as the previously shown Skeletons and Zombies.

I also had time to knock up a last bit of club scenery; a suitably generic modern ruin.

Late in the month I finished the first of a pack of Perry Mercenaries; their latest plastic set. The rest of the box are to join my Dogs of War army at some stage, but these chaps being a bit spare, and not suited to my historical armies are likely to appear on eBay soon.

8 Burgundian Ordinance handgunners.

I went for a fairly sharply contrasted three tone scheme, softened and given further shade with a very light glaze of black in the final varnish; just enough to add a little depth. I'm pleased with the final result.

So the final numbers on both the month and year are pretty good. The yearly objective was 600 points* and I make the December total 115; bringing the final total to:

1117 points

Very near to double what I aimed for; though a large chunk of that was probably terrain. Still I knocked out at least 600 figures of one form or another so I'm more than satisfied.

As stated though, in 2011 it's quality not quantity so the volume aspect of the pledge is essentially halved for this year. I will see how I go on the quality side of things...

*Each infantry figure of 15-28mm counted as one point, cavalry as 2. Larger items were scored as I deemed appropriate to a maximum of 10 points for a single item.

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