Friday, January 21, 2011

Anima Tactics: Promethea

The first of my Anima Tactics models is finished:


Promethea is one of the Black Sun characters. She's clearly not too worried about catching her death is she!


This took about three hours all told. Getting the flesh right was one of many challenges, I used 6 to 8 graduated layers, aiming for a pale finish, and smooth transitions. Many things naturally can still be improved, not least the washes I used to do the hair, and the lining of the fishnet stocking effect. I touched this up a bit but it still needs a steadier hand.

Not easy though, the figure is only 35mm tall of course!

The Base is from PG Scenics but good luck finding them on the website, as I couldn't, I know Paul though and he's a friendly chap; drop him an email if you like the bases...

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