Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kings of the New Year!

Well I'm sure it's about time I started talking games again. The first games of the year for me were fantasy ones (always easy to arrange) but Kings of War rather than Warhammer.

I gave a new undead player a couple of introduction games to the rules, one largeish battle of 1500 points and a smaller one of a mere 800. 

 In the first I deployed in a classic double ranked Dwarven formation, with warrior units interspersed with units of handgunners.  With a few hints about the best deployments, my opponent also deployed a reserve, and used weaker units such as the zombies to screen his better troops.

 The undead came on in force (actually, partly due to the fact I forgot they couldn't march) whilst the Dwarves tried to shoot them down.  The leader of the undead, a Vampire on a Pegasus, soon proved to be the real threat however, being able to fly around our units to attack them from behind...

 In the main though, the Dwarves were controlling the pace of the battle, and the undead were being thinned out.  we destroyed a number of units.  However the Vampire was now in the midst of our ranks and wreaking havoc.

 The undead had few units left, and whilst my Slayers chased down his necromancer and attacked enemies all over, my other troops held a firm line to the undead.  We finally managed to get the Vampire cornered, but weren't able to pick him off.

 The fact that his Revenant cavalry had been drawn into an unfavourable fight in cover and most of my firepower remained intact gave me pause to think I may win; but in the event the sheer expense of the Vampire lord meant the at the end of six turns the Undead had a narrow victory, by ten points!

Still revenge would be mine.  A rematch on a smaller scale a few days later saw me defeat the Undead  in the streets of a ruined city.

This time I was, thanks to the condensed fighting area able to force his Vampire to fight on my terms, and towards the end of the game I was able to destroy him, which left the Undead with very little to save them.

Elsewhere on the night of the first game, Mark ran an Ancient Greeks game which caught my eye:

Using only plastic models (Immortal's Greeks and Wargames Factory's Numidians to produce the light troops), Mark was using another set of rules by The Perfect Captain.  Hopefully I can convince him to face my Spartans with these rules sometime.

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