Sunday, August 08, 2010

July's Been and Gone...

Here we go then, it's past due as ever to let you know what I got up to (painting wise) in July.
Well it was good numbers, but we'll get to them in a bit. Firstly some photo's.

Earlier in the month I added a regiment of Spanish Hussars to my Napoleonics collection:

The Maria Luisa Hussars as they appeared around 1808, above, and below as recreated from the Perry plastic Hussar set.

They are a lovely combination of bright blues and reds. Below a close up of the commander and bugler.

Also I knocked out a small US army (Pacific theatre) force with a M4 Sherman painted a few weeks back and a P47-n to make them a 1500 point Battlefield Evolution army...
Straightforward black wash technique I've discussed before. If you look carefully there is a bit of jungle camouflage showing.

We've seen this before, so it doesn't count!

The P47-N; all hand painted (as I lost the decals for this kit years ago!) Somewhat hypothetical...
So what did I manage?

A monthly total of 129, actually. And again all for me (though the 20mm WW2 may go for sale, the Paypal's a bit low!) This ups the total to 667 points painted, versus a target to date of 350 points.

Not too bad.


  1. Nice Hussar unit - they are colored very similarly to the French 9th Hussars. I do like the look of mirlitons, but it would limit their use to a period earlier than I game in - Peninsular and later. Regards, Dean

  2. This material i've seen for this unit and the Spanish in general suggests issues of equipment and uniform were often from very old or ill organised stocks. The ML Hussars were given Mirlton's on founding around 1808, but may have switched to other headgear within the year. They seem to disappear after about 1810 anyway as a unit.

    I'm not an absolute stickler for historical accuracy, but that's good enough for me to be happy they'll blend in my 1808-09 army; which obviously I'll use for the Peninsular and southern French campaigns upto 1814!

  3. A whole army in a month, and a Hussar unit for good measure. Do you secretly have an extra two arms tucked under your tshirt? If not, how the heck do you paint so much in such a short space of time?! (Future subject of a blog post perhaps?)

  4. Good to see someone do a Mirleton hatted unit - they look great. While mainly in the Revolutionary and early Napoleonic Wars, there were a few that persisted - I recall a Swedish hussar unit that were wearing them in 1813.

    BTW - your painting stats are phenomenal!