Thursday, August 05, 2010

8th Boxed on it's way

So it's available to preorder from August 10th and on the shelves in September...

The good news is there is a full set of the rules included in what GW refer to as a 'tournament format' i.e. the beloved fluff-free A5 softback of the most recent boxed sets.

There's a total of 74 mini's included and damn if they don't look good! Though they are two armies I have little or no interest in.
I'm sure there are those who will be better informed on the price, but I'm guessing £60 for now. Probably good value if you want the miniatures or are new to the game (why would you be reading this though, if that were the case?!). Me? I'll be looking to get hold of a rulebook, the mini's are less of an issue...

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  1. I think the price is £55 as that is the same as Black Reach 40k set.