Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From the Vaults of the dammed

A rarity on the blog, an addition to my undead army. They haven't even been on a table in over three years, but a month or two ago on my last trip to the storage home of the rest of my wargaming rubbish (for recent readers I only have about half my collection in my possession at the moment) I retrieved them.

This chap was in amongst them:
He was half done including the basing in the style of the rest of the army (classic Warhammer or hideous, depending on your point of view), so it was a quick job to finish him off. The model is I think from Warmachine or Hordes, but made a nice unusual army battle standard for them. I think my Vampire counts army may get some love under 8th edition, not least repainted bases! But the purchase below is with others in mind:

I made a visit to the new FLGS (more on them in a future post) and found they'd just taken delivery of the Mantic Games ranges. Now I will admit I've been following these with interest, but only one of the three ranges to date has really caught my eye. The elves are too skinny, and I'm sorry but if there's one thing GW can definitively do better than anyone else, it's Dwarves.

However the Mantic undead are great looking models, and I just had to buy a couple of packs. At a basic cost of 80p per figure, a price which goes down as you buy bulk packs, they represent excellent value. The designs are slim but well realised with ruined uniforms and armour. The engineering of the sets are ingenious and allow for mix and match poses.

Even the packaging is designed to hold the finished models!

A fantastic little product, which even laughably can, and will, serve in my Dogs of War army. The Cursed Company shall arise to strike fear into my enemies.

Lord knows the state of Focaccia needs all the help it can get!


  1. That is a wild looking miniature...very well done

  2. Mantic have hired former GW designer Alessio Cavatore to create a game for their range. Should be interesting...