Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spanish Artillery from the vaults

Ordinarily it might look a little wrong, and I admit it does grate me a touch, but given the state of Spanish artillery, and the army in general, during the early 1800's it seemed acceptable for me to cobble together a Spanish battery for my Anglo-Iberian army from some guns gifted to me and some new crew.

I went with Front Rank as ever, but as there are only five poses in their Bi-corned Spanish artillery crew, I didn't want to use too many models per stand to allow for some variety. This also meant that they were a cheaper job to put together. About £15 for the battery with guns! [btw; can anyone identify the make of either gun? The big one's I like, the little one is pretty awful!]

They represent the Ceurpo del Artillery Real as shown in a previous post. Who appear to have a fairly typical blue uniform with a distinctly orange tinge to their facings and plumes. It was harder to judge the guns, but I opted for a darker blue than the British blue-grey. They are based on limited research and so purists may scoff, but at least now I can cover both flanks of my army with the queens of battle!

So what's up next; well after a little research and a question posted on TMP, I was able to find justification to get some of the amazing Perry Hussars. These chaps will soon be joining the British as more Spanish allies. It'll help balance out the quality of the thin red line, by fattening out the hopeless allied blues and greens!

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