Monday, July 19, 2010

The mercenaries of Don Cocido Montañés

Don Cocido Montanes has been hired to bring both firepower and striking force to my Dogs of War; the mercenary prince arrived with thirty men at his hand.

Don Cocido himself wears fine armour typical of the Border Princes, and sports a full length cloak as a sign of authority. The figure itself is from the Front Rank Wars of the Roses series, and was tagged on to my recent artillery crew purchase!

Don Cocido's Personal retinue of crossbowmen also wear the family colour of deep green. Deadly shots, they are otherwise poorly armed. (Models are GW Militia gifted to me by a fellow DOW player).

However it is Don Cocido's Norse bodyguard who are his real bargaining chip in seeking employ. The Kjøttkaker clan are a band of fearsome warrior fanatics, and as well equipped for battle as any Empire soldier.

(These are the first of my Gripping Beast plastic vikings; and having assembled and painted them, I can say they are some of the very finest plastic minatures yet! the mail armour and general details are finely realised indeed.)

And so with the recent Hiring of Lumpin Crook, Don Cocido Montanes and further artillery; the state of Focaccia can rest more easily in light of new threats to its' borders.

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