Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Revenge is a dish best served a week later...

Another Battlefield Evolution: World at War game. Bob got his rematch against my Germans, and learning at least something from his mistakes last time, deployed a Tetrarch light tank and fought defensively. I'd elected to use what I considered a more balanced army with a strong anti personnel element in the form of the armoured AA half track (it counted as a Wirbelwind, as I didn't have access to the full armour lists on Agis' own website, which support the game), and decided on a probing attack.

The Germans advanced early on using covering fire from the hill to support three thrusts. Bob's six pounder proved a easy target again, but the last crewman got off one shot and destroyed the half track. The Tetrarch, then busy evading my Hetzer popped up and destroyed my SDKFZ 232.

Boo, hiss! Still the German artillery, sniper in the house and the Hetzer in concert with a section of infantry made some progress. However the Para's are far better suited to holding an objective seized, than assaulting one heavily defended. As German infantry occupied the Farmhouse, a Paratroop flamethrower team ambushed them to deadly effect.

Everywhere the German attack was breaking down as the Para's laid down sustained fire and my attempts to attack met with little or no luck. In fact at the end of the game I was reliant on the Hetzer and a Pak 40 firing over open sights to cover the withdrawal of my shattered troops.

The infantry losses were more even this time with I think around 20 Para casualties, to my 25 or so. However with the loss of my AA, mortar, most of the HQ and the armoured car; it was a clear cut win for the British.

I'm really liking these rules, and at present can't recommend them highly enough; played historically they give good results and reward historical tactics.

Try them!


  1. Excellent visual effects on the pictures.

  2. I second that - awesome effects
    Great looking game too