Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First New Jersey

There was always a fear that I would start expanding my tidy little American Civil War army in to a larger project. I’ve said already on the blog that it wasn’t the plan, but being a wargamer these things tend to happen, and lo, not long after I declared the project concluded, I was traded some union troops for painting services.

The figures as a result will form the start of a second brigade, one I can pick at as and when I get tired of Napoleonics or WW2.

These models are part of the Foundry range so I understand, you can tell from the style of the castings and the fact that only the heads are different on the poses. The models provided were eight each of three poses plus a drummer and a spare rifleman in a different pose. Fiddling around with them I found that this set up looked most plausible – a unit at the ready in two ranks.

Another oddity is the headgear, The troops wear what was known as a ‘Havelock’; in essence a Kepi with a neck cover, styled after British uniform worn in India – doubtless a practical piece of headgear in the hot summers of Virginia, but how common they really were in the field is another matter. Still they help make the unit distinctive.

I have a handful more models which will make some skirmishers, but now feel that another artillery piece would be useful. Sigh…

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