Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dogs of Mobile War

Finished these a few days ago, In fact back in January, but then I forgot I had a decent photo of them, as you do.

The Wargames Factory German Cavalry, combined with spare Numidian bows produces two units of Horse Archers for my Dogs of war army:

I'm thinking of naming them The Kholodets tribe, as this is a Jellied Pork dish from Russia, which seems to fit the theme of my DOW army.

The models were nicely if unspectacularly made, with historically realistic sized horses, which look like steppe ponies next to my Games Workshop cavalry. I had some fun adding patterned tunics and fancy hand painted shield designs.

Lastly for today, I notice I've broke through the 40,000 hits mark. Hooray for me; and a big thank you to all you readers out there. Very charitable of you!

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