Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crossing Le Petit Marne 1944

Neil, my most regular Napoleonics opponent has been reading a lot of Sven Hassel books of late, and so was keen to try a WW2 game for a change. As I'm currently enjoying the Battlefield Evolution rules I duly obliged him with a 1500 point game of my Americans and Germans facing up against one another across a heavily agricultural river valley.

My American Armoured infantry moved through the twisted bocage, towards a shallow river with a single bridge which had some how avoided destruction in the German withdrawal.

The Germans themselves were advancing from a dense pocket of fields in an attempt to stall the rapid American reconnaissance.

The Americans advanced their reconnaissance elements along the road only for the rushing forward Hetzer to make short work of them. However thus alerted to the armour threat the Americans sent their infantry to the left, and the tanks bore right, aiming to eliminate the German armour.

As it transpired the Sherman crews were green, and although brave, proved to be terrible shots (three of their first four shots rolled one's - thus missing - and the tank which survived the battle hit NOTHING all game!) Nevertheless, the Hetzer eventually was eliminated for no further loss, and the Infantry deployed in wood on the Left bank to counter Germans deploying in dense masses behind the bocage.

American artillery competed with German machine guns and 20mm fire for ascendancy. One German section was put to rout, but the others held firm and began a suicidal advance on the Americans.

Like something from a Sven Hassel book itself, Neil's Germans broke cover and rushed the lead Sherman half of them were cut down in the field by raking machine guns, but the survivors slapped anti tank mines and grenades on the Sherman and saw it burst into flames. But at a heavy cost, only two of them made it away to safety.

The Americans had at the same time been trying to develop infantry support for the tanks, but the belated intervention of a German observer in the Schwimwagen brought artillery down on them and their vehicle, effectively destroying both. The pounding covering fire of the German AA gun assured that the Americans were no longer prepared to advance.

Game over!

So another cracking game, and one of the prettiest put on at the club in a long time. Not to blow my own trumpet, but my models looked great together, and we managed as ever to bag the best of the scenery and make a plausible looking battlefield that looked attractive too.

Sad thing is I now find myself seriously considering getting some reinforcements, another Sherman, a few more German Infantry, Fighter planes....

The wargamer mindset never goes away, does it?

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