Saturday, October 03, 2009

September Pledge Report

With a last push I managed to churn out what may be a record breaking number of models this month. Last out of the stalls this month are the 2nd Queens Royal infantry regiment:

24 figures as is standard for my British battalions. A pleasing variety of trousers here, some patches and weathering too.

The base coat for my flesh was much darker than normal, and I thought I'd cocked it up; but the finish quite suits these models, with their gurning Victrix faces. However a few of the models have Perry heads, and even arm sets to increase the variety.

The shooting poses incidentally, are the weakest amongst the Victrix models, being a difficult fit to the torsos. They don't really bear up to close inspection; but en-masse they look fine

So hear is the army shot to date; not bad considering there were none of them in June. 102 figures so far, it's about one third of my envisioned army.

As for the overall painting totals, it was looking so good; until I picked up a bagain grab-bag of 20mm plastics on the net. Sadly the outcome is the tiniest of defecits:
  • Bought: 629
  • Painted: 628
  • Sold: 317

Arrgh; and I know I will be buying more soon. Gutted

I'm of the view that the only men who can shop are those who collect something, and then shopping within that specific criteria is all too easy for them. Get me to go out and buy a new shirt however and it'll take me weeks to find one I care for....

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