Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chalkidian Hoplites

The Ongoing saga of my Wargames Factory Numidians transforming into Greeks. There was no need to convert these models as such, it was simply a case of using a lot more of the helmeted heads and providing new, larger spears. I do my Hoplite spears about eight or nine feet long in scale, not like those who seem to think they already carried a pike of 12 or more feet in length.

The Musician was built by simply cutting the bow out of a spare left arm and making a set of Greek flutes - two bits of plastic rod, joined at an angle. Historically they were often shown using a mouth strap to position the instrument, but for the sake of simplicity I've ignored that.

The shield design of a red bird is identified with Chalkis, in the Thracian colonies, and so suited the theme of my Spartan Army of Brasidas. I allows them to stand as allies or foes to my army.

24 figures built and painted in about four days. For an effective cost of about 60p each.



  1. Looks fantastic! Well done!

    Tony @ Wargames Factory

  2. They look great! theres alot that can be done w/the numidian/light infantry sets