Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Pledge report

The latest and final output for this month today. First up are the 16th Queens Light Dragoons:

The 16th was part of Wellington's Peninsula Army 1809 - 14, winning major battle honours at Talavera, Salamanca and Vittoria. In 1815 they fought in the final defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, in Belgium.
The ensign is highly speculative, but only included because the Front Rank battalion pack includes one. Overall I love the quality of the Fronk Rank miniatures, but the lack of variety in the posing is less pleasing. Still at under £2.40 a piece for metal cavalry, they aren't bad. The chest lace should perhaps only be silver for officers, but the effect is nice so I doubt I'll change it.

They were fairly quick to paint, and so I had time to start another little side project, some more French troops for our skirmish games.

In fact I ended up opting for perhaps my favourite Napoleonic uniform. Imortalised in one of the best illustrations from Blandfords' Uniforms of the Peninsular War book; The Regiment Irlandaise:
Lovely vivid green uniforms. These are all portrayed as voltiguers, including an officer and a bugler. Made from a variety of spare victrix figures, including at least three officer and a drummer torso!

Nevertheless, officially I am behind my purchasing now, which is lamentable!
if the rules were I could only spent a set amount per month it wouldn't be so bad, but buying boxes of plastic soldiers really hammers me for figure counting purposes. That considered I make the numbers as follows:
  • Bought: 757
  • Painted: 711
  • Sold: 354

And the bad news will keep coming I'm sure, as tomorrow is Fiasco, and the likelihood of me visiting a wargames show and not buying some models is pretty slight.


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