Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little men and littler men too...

Well, I've been quiet on the blogging front of late, but at least more painting has been achieved.

The ratio of painting is so rapid in fact, that the blog can’t actually keep up; it is the simple fact that I don’t have the money to anything very much at the moment, no nights out, with the exception of the wargaming club (and that really is not the way it should be, I only get away with it thanks to an understanding and equally skint wife!); so a great deal of time for dipping in to the rapidly diminishing pile of unpainted models.

The American Civil war progresses well, but are not yet photographed, so I’ll save them for another day, but after doing one bunch of Dwarves, I did another.

These were the 20p per figure ex-grenadier models I got from EM4, chunky, but with reasonable detail. The worst part was having to cut down the bases from a pre-moulded 25mm square, down to 20mm. A real chore.

Less bothersome was converting the spearmen figures to a musician (judicious bending of the spear shaft, and some putty – clearly a rush job) and a standard bearer (insert 2cm of rod into spear shaft). Oddly the figures are made from a plastic which though hard, does not respond well to polystyrene cement, superglue is the only solution.

The end result is an awfully cheap unit to buy, but makes a healthy 200 point addition to my Dogs of War army. As for a name for the unit, well in keeping with the food puns of the units so far I'm declaring these are the Dwarven host of Kazak Kuyrdak - that's a Russian (Kazakh) dish of Horse Offal!

Those aside, I also managed a squad of German infantry, destined for eBay. These guys were cobbled together from the many 20mm Valiant Germans left from previous projects.

I’ve painted them based on an illustration of 1st SS division in Belgium/Holland 1944; tasteful huh? Hopefully a few valuable quid into the PayPal account.

So thats another 22 models to the good...


  1. Hi Dean,

    How u doing? I like those Dwarves. Never heard of Dogs of War. Is that simliar to 40K?

    Those Germans look good. You've done a nice job there. Sometime in the next 2 months I'm going to start painting and basing some of Colin's Valiant Miniatures American GI's. Only bought one battalion so far.

  2. Dogs of War are essentially a 'collectors only' army list, available via the GW website (at least it was). It's not especially competitive, but it allows you to blend several races together as a mercenary force.