Thursday, June 25, 2009

War is back, and this time it's waargh!

It wasn’t my first game of the year, but the dubious honour of that went to an encounter with Epic Armageddon which was so one sided it was really only an opportunity for me to take my models out of their box briefly before putting most of them away immediately. So my second game of the year with another opponent is what I discuss today.

And a little gem of a game it was too; 40k using my Orks, against a nice young chap called IIRC George and his beautifully painted Tyranids.

It was a close run thing too. I tossed a coin and went for the heavy armour choice of my two army lists. With a Battlewagon, Warbike, Warbuggies, Killa Kans, Nobz, and lots of Boyz. As it turned out, the Tyranids didn’t seem to have any heavy firepower, being geared up instead for close assault. So in a rarity, my Battlewagon rolled around with impunity all game.

Elsewhere I got the drop on the Tyranids very early on, and George later admitted to thinking it was all over. Several of his smaller units were wiped out with ease. But then his big stuff got embroiled in the assaults; my luck seemed to fail at this stage, whilst his rallied, In particular a Hive Tyrant – called Mr Gribbley – survived four turns, eventually routing two units of Orks, despite suffering around ten wounds per turn, it saved all but one!

So after two turns I was up, after four it was fairly even, but when his reserves arrived the gig was soon up. I had no available reserves capable of stopping them seizing their objective. Whilst my reserve – the Nobz – were deadly effective, but simply too far away.

So when it ended I had lost, but it was a darned close run thing, I occupied his objective, though he could contest it; but he had secured mine. It was a great little game though, in which the report was not really important. Here’s to a few more like that.

Elsewhere in the club - The Thursday night one this time, in Leeds - it was a very busy night, with about 8 games of 40k going, along with some Warmachine, Bloodbowl, boardgames and DBMM ancients. Lots of lovely looking 15mm ancients in implausibly perfect lines marching towards one another over geometrically orderly terrain.

In many respects the complete antithesis to games of Warhammer/40k. Though that is no bad thing.

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