Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Dwarfy goodness

So, here is the output of my last six weeks of painting:

124 figures and two war machines:

Battle for Skull Pass (BFSP) Cannon:
£2 Catapult and crew:
BFSP Thunderers:
Another of same, plus two metal classics:
BFSP Warriors:
A mixed bag of plastic Dwarfs, upto 22 years old! Plus a classic metal leader:
Longbeards; £8 at a show:
Hammerers, shamefully bought new:

BFSP Miners, plus a classic metal figure filling the ranks:In case your wondering, I picked up a second sprue of BFSP plastic Dwarfs from ebay some time ago, along with a third group of Thunderers. This helped keep army costs down and numbers up!

BFSP Slayer; a weirdly posed and proportioned figure if ever there was one:
Runesmith, came free with Longbeards, what a bonus!:
My Lord:
Paint job was overall configured for speed, so it's all done with layers of highlights; a method I find allows me to rattle through uniformed troops in no time. I don't like exaggerated highlights, but the flash on the camera has made some of these look particularly flat. I'm urged to try the new GW washes, and may just give them a try soon; but in the past true washes and inks have not suited me.

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