Monday, July 07, 2008

101 and 105

Last post was my hundredth post, and it passed by without a mention; by me at least, I doubt anyone else would have noticed. The fact I can count my hits in thousands is gratifying, especially as for some unknown reason, that figure seemed to double whilst I was out of the loop; how many readers that boils down to is anyone's guess, but there must be a handful, so thanks for that too! 100 posts was a milestone I'd meant to celebrate, however, as it actually represents effort on my part; so hooray for me.

So what of the 105 then? Well you may guess that relates to the painting factory that is the corner of my lounge. Although I have effected my ratio by buying 9 more figures from eBay. I nevertheless manged in my first month of painting to turn out 105 finished models, mostly Dwarfs for my new army. The aim is to have a 2000pt legal force completed by mid July, presently I guess I've got around 1800 points, and need just one more big unit and a couple of characters to finish it up to that level.

Personally it's enthusiasm taken to extremes for me. I'm fairly sure I'm spending too much time painting in favour of other things I need to get done right now. But at least as far as the painting pledge is concerned, I'll have a substantial buffer built up!

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