Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And now, with pictures (again)

As promised, and might I add, to my relief. Some photo's make a welcome return to the blog. Here are a couple of snaps from my game on Sunday. A bit of a teaser to show my new army too. The first two images are from the end of turn one, wherein my right flank was moving to address a threat from my opponents Goblins.

My Left was facing down an advance by three large units of Orcs, although my cannon was having a ropey start, the unit of Dwarf muskets was laying down a lethal hail of fire, which broke the key enemy units before they reached us.

Here it's the end of turn my turn six. The Orcs had been locked into combat by the stubborn artillery crew, meaning that even when my units broke, they couldn't pursue, and being Dwarfs, we inevitably rallied. The reformed gun line picked off the remaining threat to the left flank. Whilst away on the Right Flank, a unit of warriors and a unit of Miners were busy encircling the last of the Orcs.
A resounding victory, and photographic proof at last!

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