Friday, May 25, 2007

What you doing?

I'm working on a Space Marine army for Warhammer 40k at the moment.

It was one I bought second hand off a kid for the Princely sum of £70. At the time I decided only to keep the bits I liked, and sold on a variety of bits and pieces from it (rule book, non-space marine bits, scenery, units I didn't like, etc) I sold those off for £85 in the end, so by the time I'd bought a few oddments I wanted (some quite pricey) a 2000pt army had cost me about £25 all in.

The down side of buying a child's collection is the state of the models. On the one hand you have a lot of things still unpainted, or even still on their sprues, great! On the other, where paint is applied, it is done with a two inch brush or the figure is simply dipped in a pot of acrylic paint and allowed to solidify. It's a technique I recall from my youth too.

Some of the poorest figures spent two weeks in a Pine-oil based cleaner, before most of the paint came off. When I am able I'll have some photos to show the sorry state of one particularly bad model.

Anyway, although I did paint one unit from them over a year ago, they had languished for some time. Motivated by a defeat of my Orks by Space Marines, yet again! I was inclined to start on them again.

'Footage at eleven...'

More shocking was the value of this little force.

at today's prices, my 65 figures and three vehicles worked out at...

Wait for it...


Yes, £258, I nearly fell off my chair at that one.

Games Workshop, eh?

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