Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Photo Bonanza - Thracians

My Thracian army is one of my favourites.

Assembled over a few months in 2000-01; It comprises at present 132 infantry and 18 cavalry; along with three general stands. It was assembled for playing armati, but works well for DBM and Warhammer ancients too.

Above are Thracian slingers, typically from the shepherds and farmers of the society. These are converted Hat Spanish slingers.

Other skirmishers; most of the army is sourced from the Hat Thracian allies box, supplying virtually all the infantry.

Part of the mass of the infantry. The guy front and centre with the wicker shield is Zvezda (from their Greek warriors set) the rest are all hat.

The painting technique is my usual speed style, using flat colours and a varnish glaze; the only variation is that I used brown as the shading mix at a proportion of about one part Humbrol German camouflage brown (pot: 170) to 30 parts Humbrol mattcote varnish. Obviously, sing flat colours did not preclude me including plenty of patterning on these figures. The Thracian's loved colourful and complex fabrics, apparently!

The overall general, based on Angus McBride's image of King Kotys (Men at Arms book 360). To look the part, Zvezda's Alexander (from their Greek Cavalry set) underwent a head swap with the javelinman next to him.

Light horse of the plains, Again figures from the Zvezda Greek cavalry set supplied all my needs. Thracian's aped and looted Greek armour styles with just a few indigenous features.

More light cavalry, with noble horsemen to the rear.

One of these days I'm going to get round to ading more horse and massed infantry, the figures are already there; but as it stands, this is a complete force.

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