Thursday, May 31, 2007

Photo update...

Well, I thought I'd throw on a few of the other photo's I took, whilst the old PC was lamely hobbling along.

Firstly a response to Paul, of the Grimsby Wargaming blog; below is a size comparison of the valiant plastics against 20mm figures (on the left) and 28mm figures (on the right). Personally I know which I think looks like a match.

Speaking of the Valiant figures, I painted up the battalion, as defined in the box and placed them on e-bay. They sold the same day to a regular customer of mine for £60; a handy return!

Otherwise it has been a fantasy/Sci-fi heavy phase for me; still practicing with acrylics I did a necromancer and vampire thrall for my undead army. The first figure is from Games Workshop's Mordheim range; the second is from a (now defunct, so I understand) company called Spyglass Miniatures.

Also I've been churning out some 40K space marines; my cheaply bought army, as mentioned last week has been in need of paint. These scouts are certainly the nicest of the painted bits so far...

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