Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Club Game - 40K Marine Vs Marine

Well we're back at full operational performance! The PC was replaced with a shiny new laptop (and then most pleasingly, thrown into the garden, to rupture into several dusty chunks of worthless beige electronics - next stop the recycling centre); and to celebrate I have a suite of photo's.

First of all a battle report of my friend Chris' Blood Angels against a club members vanilla marines.

Generous sort that I am I arranged a game for Chris and a guy called Tim; 1500 points each of Space marines as it turned out. Chris Brought his Blood Angels, including some rather finely painted new models, his Chaplain was particularly nice...

Tim was sporting vehicle heavy Vanilla Marines (i.e, representing no particular chapter):

We played a six by four table, which was reasonably evenly balanced (by me) I perhaps could have done with a little more terrain, but I didn't want to slow things down too much. The mission ended up as a Seek and Destroy. Tim won the deployment phase; and initial dispositions were as shown...

Early on the Blood Angels had the best of it, assault marines acting as a vanguard for the Death Company in a Rhino APC. On the first two turns they destroyed a Dreadnought, and swept away a small squad in the woods:

After a slow start, the Vanilla order got going, charging and wiping out this squad of scouts...

The Vanilla Marines armoured superiority started to show, although they couldn't rely on holding their right, they were mauling the Blood Angels right in a similar fashion...

Crucially, the Blood Angels had absolutely no luck dispatching the enemy armour, although they did some damage to the Land Speeder squadron, they failed to destroy the Vanilla Marine Whirlwind, Razorback, or second Dread'. The result was more one sided than it looked, the Blood Angels encircled the Vanilla marines but only as a result of their natural instincts. In real terms they were making easy targets of themselves for the firing line of the Vanilla Marines. Points wise they'd been hammered.

As I thought, the game ended only when the allowed turns had run out; you can rely on Space Marines not to run, and it is seldom worth a SM player conceding.

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