Thursday, July 30, 2020

Napoleonics on Two Continents


A little bit of a painting update, At the start of the year I'd sort of promised myself to get some more Napoleonic troops done, and in the last month I've made a fair bit of progress; with more to come I'm pleased to report.  But for today its a pair of smaller units to begin with.

First of all, a section or platoon of the 41st Infantry for the Detroit campaigns in the War of 1812:

Research showed these were in coats without turnback colours, but that the musicians wore white.  These provide authentic regulars to stiffen my Canadian militias.

As ever, doing British uniforms made me wish I was painting anything else, and these being a predominantly Victrix meant that there was no end of fiddly details, and in the case of the torsos, weird vague attempts at details.  They've come on a long way from these.

But as I cobbled these together from a pile of spare parts I shouldn't complain; I got more out of the leftovers than I expected.  

Whilst in lockdown, I've had the time to sort through the plastic backlog, and figure piles, and in doing so found quite a few things I'd forgotten.  And thus the next unit out of the traps was the altogether more pleasurable (to paint) Catalonian Light Infantry, below:

These are slender Eagle Miniatures casts, not terribly dynamic, but crisp, decent value and a good match for Perrys'.  The bag I found was of 12 models, good for a couple of companies of skirmishers in Black Powder.  A nice uniform to paint too, though most accounts of Spanish light infantry suggest Blue coats, every illustration of this unit at least displays a rich green.  Given the Spanish circumstance, I think making do with what was available, or following the whims of the commander is doubtless the case.

Time and inspiration are such that I'm getting plenty of painting done, but as Britain risks coming out of hibernation, the possibilities of face to face gaming are beginning to resurface.  Whilst I'm still personally wary, and will be taking fair precautions, I think actual games are on the horizon.  

It's been a while...


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