Sunday, November 03, 2019

Renedra Feudal Hovels....

Packaging and on the sprue
I picked up a couple of these, direct from Renedra, for a very reasonable price over the summer; and gave them a very quick paint job.  These are 28mm scaled, seven-part kits; I opted for the Wattle and Daub versions, but there are also plain wattle and stone versions in the range.

They need a little bit of a firm hand, some clamps weights or elastic bands will aid with bonding the parts together, but otherwise assembly is very simple and the resultant model is sturdy and attractive.  They are also a decent size, around a 2.5x4 inch footprint each, which readily matches my old Gripping Beast resin buildings.  They are advertised as outhouses, but they are plausibly sized for small family huts, or workshops; and won't look out of place as part of a farm or village.

I based them first and then gave them a straightforward paint job,mostly of dry-brushing, to match my renovated medieval models.  This took only a couple of hours all told.

Finished, the detail comes up easily.
The effect is really pleasing.  Depending how, you model and paint them these would work for anywhere from the late iron age (in regions like Ireland and Scandinavia where the Round House was not favoured) to the middle ages.  As well of course as being a nice option for generic fantasy games.

In conclusion, for £4-5 each you can't really go wrong, and unless you are really averse to kit assembly these are much better quality and durability than resin or MDF models; though I would advise basing them on something sturdy.

Still, a solid B+



  1. I bought a couple of these models and was very impressed by their quality. I particularly liked the wattle version.

  2. After reading this review, I found myself picking up 4 of these... and some fences.

    They look really good and a bargain for the price.