Tuesday, November 26, 2019

PZJR Abt.243 Stug III G - Next Level

So, this represents pretty much a month of steady work, maybe 12 hours painting on the one model.

This is a distillation of all the new techniques I've been trying, but in particular the methods that tip this model over the edge are oils and enamels based.  The hull benefits from the use of a black enamel pinwash, and rust and stain filters across the board.  The build up of dirt and mud includes powders, pastes and enamel wet-textures.  Finally the tree branches are real twigs with dyed foam, saturated in PVA and latterly drybrushed, attached.

Overall, I think this really reaches to the standards I was hoping for.  Though I'm sure I can refine it too.  This model looks suitable for a trip out on a rainy weekend somewhere in western Europe.

Points to improve in the future; exhaust smoke staining, further thinning of mudguards, breaking up of Schurtzen, fading of the camouflage colours, stowage...  So yes, still a few things to try!

Finally, for those who can't get a sense of scale, and don't know what 20mm really implies, here a WIP Imperial Assault 32mm miniature for scale!

The model itself is the Plastic Soldier Company Stug III, and whilst simplified, is incredibly well detailed for what is only about a 12 part kit.  I have two more to work on.  It should be noted that not only were the Schurtzen kept separately until the end of the painting process, the lower hull and track assembly was not attached to the hull until the tracks were painted.  This made working on the model much easier, the base was also completed prior to attaching the model, in reverse of my usual practice.



  1. Lovely, I have the three models made up .... but not painted! (usual situation!). The enamel pin wash seems an important step and assume dries much faster than an oil based wash.

  2. Very nice! You can tell the TLC that went into it.