Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Gods of War-tership Down


Additions to the War Rabbits army.

Al-Araiah and Fitch are gods in physical form to the war rabbits, and their influence is what gives their race it's form, twixt beast and man.  They are as you no doubt can tell, not gaming pieces, rather the one on the left is a resin statuette, and the right is a childrens toy, both were purchases for under £5.
As for the bolt thrower, its a scratch build, from a mixture of coffee stirrers, some small plastic parts and some thread.  I added some spare mini's including some limited conversion of a bow armed rabbit to a crew figure.

On a roll with the scratch building, I fabricated up a version of everyone's favourite siege engine:

No prizes for guessing the inspiration:

It is simply made from scrap; strips of card to emulate planking, over a foamcore frame, with a card roof, covered in in thick paper cut to irregular shapes to represent hides.  The battering ram is a twig with some tinfoil glued to the tip.

I only need to do another 18 or so more models to finish this project, but it may be a while yet, as they've slipped down the schedule somewhat.

I'll try to get to them before the end of the year!


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