Sunday, January 13, 2019

General Jacques Thomas Sarrut

Another command addition to my Napoleonics collection.

"Jacques Thomas Sarrut (16 August 1765 – 26 June 1813) joined the French army and became a division commander in the First French Empire of Napoleon. He led a regiment at Hohenlinden, a brigade at Jena, Bussaco, and Fuentes de Onoro, and a division at Salamanca. He was mortally wounded while leading his soldiers against the Anglo-Allied army at the Battle of Vitoria."

Not otherwise especially notable, being something of a journeyman commander, the figure I've used for Sarrut is one of the Front Rank generic French command figures.  That said he has a rather natty cape to protect him from the weather (it's not always sunny in Spain!)  This resulted in a lot of chopping of details from the horse furniture to get the figure to sit at a decent position.

The wheel seemed a nice added touch, and came from a stockpile of Victorian 28mm artillery wheels I was given years ago.  It may be a little later in date but I doubt there's much difference.

A useful little figure.