Sunday, August 05, 2018

Spanish ADC and Camp

On with the Napoleonics, and the contents of the Mantic Terrain Crate.  I have one nominal Spanish General already, but with the expansion of my Spanish forces to 4 Infantry Regiments, 2 Horse and a battery of artillery, I felt it was time for another officer.  To that end I kitbashed the contents of various Perry plastic sets to make a Spanish ADC to General La Pena.

The Dragoon officer body was mated with Hussar legs and a Chasseur head, I greenstuffed in epaulettes on the right shoulder.  There is an image in Haythornthwaite's 'Uniforms of the Peninsular Wars' of almost exactly this uniform, save in a Bicorne, as an ADC to General Auguste La Pena.

 The Priest is also a Perry miniature, from their Crusades range.  Having checked as best I could, the clothing for Spanish rural priests looked much the same in 1800 as it did in 1100, so I felt it checks out.  The religious orders were extraordinarily active in the guerrilla war, Esdaile noting that something like a third of them died in the war against the French.

I also worked on some of the Mantic terrain, specifically some of the tents.   Obviously tents don't require too much work, so long as they look the part.

The Mantic tents are a good size and suitably generic; a good bit larger than the Renedra tents, but they doubtless work together for the purpose of the table.