Monday, August 06, 2018


We've played a couple of games of this in the past few months, and they are not a bad set of rules, so long as you don't go overboard with the number of vehicles.

Possibly too many cars!

Definitely too many in one collision.
However, my 'Road Wolf' (AKA Mad Max) styled car gangs thus far lack one element Gaslands readily permits, Guns.  Gaslands as a background is more Death Race 2000, than Mad Max.  Still this was incentive enough to knock up a couple of new vehicles for a new gang.  The Gearheadz:

These were cheap and slightly basic Poundworld models, two in a pack for a quid; but with the addition of aluminium mesh, plasticard, some kitbashed machine-guns and a decent paint job they've come up a treat.  You'd never know.  Also being screwed rather than riveted together, it was easy to disassemble them to strip of paint.

Now to get them into a race...



  1. How similar is this ruleset to Car Wars?

    1. I never played Car Wars, but a little quick research suggests Gaslands could be considered an effort to remove Car Wars from a map based system to an open terrain system. I suspect by comparison it reflects similar but simplified mechanics. I couldn't offer more than that...

    2. Fair enough. After further research it appears both games are fairly similar.

      Also, I really enjoy your Gearheadz cars.

  2. Those are some gorgeous rides! I especially like the red and white ones.