Sunday, August 12, 2018

Crusade against the Tomb Kings

We had a four-hander of Dragon Rampant at the club a couple of weeks back.  Myself, James, Gav and Matt fielded Stygian Undead, Tomb Kings, Elves and Imperial Humans with Halfling allies respectively.

Field of Battle 
Some of James' new TK force

Matt's Dogs of War/Empire troops

Gav's Elven Host

My Conan Undead 
After the initial dispositions I switched to the camera phone for some reason.  So the quality of the pictures goes downhill a little.

The undead opened the attack the most aggressively.

Skeletons in their element

Chariots advance
 On my flank, Ravening Hordes occupied the only reasonable cover available, whilst elite troops of Mummies stalked the Elves.

A column of advance is watched from the columns

However it is all going the Elves way

Chariots come off worst in conflict with the Greatswords

Whilst an Elf Hero chops up my Necromancer
It ended up a one sided affair, with few living casualties to bury, but virtually every skeleton form reduced to dust.  Nevertheless it was an enjoyable little tussle.  


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