Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Storage Project = Pain

Oh, I really should get around to that.

Is what I'd said for months regarding the storing of my Conan miniatures; you see the game comes with some 170 models, and a whole separate box to store them in.  But unless you want to keep the plastic inserts that only work when distributed across both boxes, no effective storage system.

Cue a trip to the arts store for some mounting board and a session building and gluing an insert.

A process that took some ten hours o_0

Looks nice, yeah
So most models are in groups of five or ten with some pieces individualised as they were larger or oddball shapes.  This meant laying out all the models in the bottom of the box and then custom measuring and cutting suitable partitions.  The shorter models are on the lower layer with 45mm of clearance whilst the taller models live upstairs with 55mm of ceiling!  

The biggest models went below, but the upper tray has cut outs to allow them to stand proud!  The two blank boxes turn out to hold all the dice nicely, and next to them is the various furniture and treasure pieces.

This one was a labour of love that left me feeling arthritic and frazzled.  Still the product is sturdy and means no further storage is needed.  So I'm glad I bit the bullet and got it done.


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