Monday, September 18, 2017

Old War Reports 1

I'm terrible at writing AAR's  I know I used to do it more, but each one would take so long.  I just don't have the time to commit to them at the moment, so it feels.

Nevertheless I usually take photographs, and I can post those up well enough.  If I get caught up I may even feel more inclined to writing a few battles in more detail!

Going way back to May for starters I had a game of Kings of War against Matt:

My Goblin and Troll alliance

In serried hordes

Versus a kingdom of men allied with an evil Necromancer and his minions

A general advance for the Goblins 
Against a more cautious Human advance

Vast numbers would tell, as the Goblins could block every pass

The Necromancer tries his might against numbers untold

Battle is joined

Pikemen attempt to stay the waves of greenskins

But too few Humans survive
From what little I can recall now, it was a very one-sided affair, in my favour; I think we called it after four rounds, as Matt was making no headway, partly due to misfortune, partly due to being out maneuvered.  The balance of goblin hordes and Mighty Trolls made for a potent combo.

Hopefully more reports later this week...

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