Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reaper Bones Third Set arrives

Two years ago I joined Matt in a small commitment to the latest Reaper Kickstarter, at that time.  Finally it arrived a few weeks ago; the best part of a year late it must be admitted.  Matt sorted out my selections and I've now had time to have a small look through them:

All my packs
 I'd picked a selection of items I - at the time - felt I could make use of .  Most if nothing else can serve in dungeon crawls, but many now are also useful for Dragon Rampant.  I managed to push fit the largest models for photographs.  Kicking of with the dragon:

Stan for scale
 Pretty impressive.  I'd also picked up two frost giants, thinking they may be useful; time has moved on of course!  I'm not sure what I might use these for now!

 The largest model, in effect is scenery.  I picked up the mystic stone circle as it wasn't the sort of object I could see as practical to make myself.  I have little clue where or how I'm going to store this though.

It's pretty big!
 There were also some mythical monsters, Orcs, Lizardmen, and some pseudo-space marines, for which I have a specific plan.  But the last set I got a picture of was these rather fabulous Ogres:

Overall, great looking models; but the delay in delivery?  Pretty rotten.  Their fourth Kickstarter recently finished, but given the delays on the two I've backed, I gave it a pass.  The world may not last long enough for the next one to deliver!  This is the fundamental shortcoming of crowd-funded projects, constant delays, frustration.  It may not be the case for all projects but of the dozen or so I've backed about half have been significantly later than intended.

It's something to expect rather than become annoyed at.  But if you are impatient, it is a good reason to stay away from what so often seems like an incredible bargain.


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