Sunday, June 26, 2016

The ever reliable eBay machine...

...that is painting WW2 20mm platoons has filled my Paypal coffers once again.

 I was going to advertise these to you, my (presumably) loyal readers; but they sold within the couple of hours it took to get round to it!

A selection of Russian oddments I had knocking about, plus a JS2 tank from The Works, were assembled into a reasonable force.  Two sections of infantry, plus HQ, support weapons and armour.

1st section, a Maxim and a 61K AA gun

2nd section and an 82mm Mortar

Commissar and HQ
 I tried something a bit different  for the basing with these, going for a look of urban rubble instead of grassland.  I think it worked OK.
Diecast JSII
A quick job, taking only a few hours really.  A fun diversion and a nice way to make a few pence!

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