Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Time Commanders to Return...

Sorry folks, there's not been a lot of motivation to write for the blog again of late, my gaming has been limited and 'Fantasy' heavy of late, and I've always felt my core demographic was more of a historical crowd (hmm, maybe I should run a survey to find out?) so I've not really considered I had much to offer you readers.

But I did spot this today, may be of some interest to some of you:

Time Commanders


It would seem Time Commanders, the closest TV has got to putting wargaming on TV in decades is to return, and they're looking for players.  Looks like the BBC is in full nostalgia mode, what with Robot Wars presently back on our screens and this to follow.

TC was not the best treatment of our hobby, and obviously was more computer simulation than traditional game, but it did make some efforts to do things right.  It'll be interesting to see how it is handled this time around...


  1. To your first point about "non-core blog posts," any post is a good post! Gaming is gaming. I feel like I've been in a similar posting funk lately not to mention my lack of gaming in recent weeks.
    Time Commanders looks interesting - here's hoping that Hulu picks it up.

  2. Remember it well I absolutely loved the show with all the obvious challenges. Even if it was just a group of people playing Total War on TV. Will definitely watch again if I can on iplayer☺️

  3. My recollection of Time Commanders was that it was basically an hour of watching four nerds play a computer game.
    And every bit as engaging as that sounds.
    Not exactly classic television IMO.