Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Dungeon Dwellers

It's easy to grab a handful of models from my stack of Reaper Bones and have a bit of a play.

First off let's start small, with some Orcs:

Three figures who'll nicely accompany my Orc warlord. Next up a little piece of scenery:

 Time to scale up then.  There's a number of larger models in the Kickstarter box awaiting attention, beginning with this Beholder:

 Now painting the inside of the mouth was a challenge, but I think I managed OK.  Pleased with the eyes however.  All 20 plus of them...

 Part of the package was also a number of transparent models to represent elementals, spirits and the like.  I can't say I'd ever tackled anything like this before and I wanted to enhance the effect rather than leave it untouched or completely mask it with paint.  I decided to try using a glaze for the main translucent surfaces.
 A bit of GW green ink mixed with Vallejo glaze.  On this Spirit form I then highlighted the skeletons up in the spookiest pale greens I could.

 Similarly the fire elemental.  Although the accepted standard is to paint the core bright and the extremis darker, I couldn't see this working on a transparent model.  So I just went with bright highlights.
 I think it looks fine.

 The base was only painted on the underside and seems to have the effect of making it appear as a burning pool of oil in the pictures.

Lastly for this batch, one of the largest models in the basic set; a Griffin:

I suspect I should have done some work around the wing roots and overall this was done fairly quickly and almost exclusively with drybrushing work.  But again it looks fine for my needs.

Which I should probably get around to organising some time...

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